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Let’s Connect on Handshake Mercenary - Free Forum for HNS Enthusiasts

Recently (Mid Jan 2021) SkyInclude invested in setting up a forum for Handshake enthusiasts to talk about buying / selling / dealing with the TLDs, as well as to discuss pricing and other trends. Called Handshake Mercenary.

Signup free on HNS at: handshake.mercenary - HNS resolver required to signup.

No HNS Resolver? Come on, get that setup to support the ecosystme and well - get one! But if you want to browse, Handshake.Mercenary.Hns.To - use HNS.to

Disrupting the old DNS

DNS (Domain Name Service) is using the old internet and a closed system controlled by a few.

Yet the internet is meant to be an open web.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a blockchain enabled DNS? One that isn’t controlled by large private corporations who rent to use their domain naming system on a yearly basis?

In comes HNS

Handshake, and Namebase is leading the charge - to create a blockchain enabled DNS called HNS.

HNS is the coin, the currency, that enables this to be made and maintained.

Let SkyInclude Help You Get Your Piece of the New Web

Do you want to claim your own TLD?

Learn more about

Imagine you are the owner of .mink

That means you can sell mike.mink for a yearly fee - just like you buy a .com.

It is 2020, and this is still very possible to do.

Get ahead now and work with a broker at SkyInclude to ensure you are included in this new world.

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Some Of Our Portfolio

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your.templates We all need templates for our life, from web and tech, to just any standard template process.

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😝 or 😝.hns.to Fun, flirty, and wild! Keep it interesting, life is short!

👧❤.🐇🍛 A dad does whatever it takes to keep his daughter happy.

👦.🤖🦾 A dad does whatever it takes to keep his son happy.

🏠.🦩🤝 Our home where flamingos make handshakes (emoji center).

♙ hns.to - OR - ♙ HNS Pawn and NFT fun.